When you say your fragrances are “all natural”…what does that mean, exactly?

Here’s a dirty little secret about pretty much the entire perfume industry: almost everything is made from artificial synthetic scents that don’t exist in nature. Even perfumes that claim they’re “made with natural ingredients”…well, let’s just say this: if it’s 99% synthetics and 1% naturals, then they can technically say it’s “made with” naturals, right?

OurMess is different.

Here at OurMess, our fragrances are made from all natural materials. Period. No synthetics, no laboratory-created artificial scents, no petroleum byproducts. None, nada, zilch, 0%.

Our fragrances are crafted from pure essential oils, plant absolutes, and botanical extracts. Does that make it harder for us? Sure – but we think it’s worth it, and we think you’ll agree.

What about animal testing?

Yikes, no way! The only things we test our products on are paper test strips, with real-world tests done on…well…ourselves! We won’t sell any product until we’re happy with how it worked for us personally.

How do you make your products?

The old-fashioned way: by hand. When we say our products are hand-crafted, we really do mean it literally – we blend every scent ourselves, and fill every bottle ourselves. No factories or assembly lines here, just dedicated artisans.